Rushing to the urgent; forgetting the important.

An open source opportunity


Recently I attended the AHRI in focus conferences and spoke about workplace bullying in Australia. It was an energising and insightful experience to share what I know from my career working in social justice.

Practitioners approached me lamenting what happens when something does go pear shaped in their workplace. Each story had a common theme, their day, their week disappeared when they got a phone call about a workplace complaint. Everything they were doing had to be dropped to focus on the urgent issue.

I found myself reflecting this frustration on rushing to urgent issues and not being able to work on the important strategic HR issues.

I asked myself ‘How can I support practitioners do their best work?’ So many things cascaded in my mind and too many to mention all at once here.

I then asked how can I share what I know – in a simple step that is ‘open source’ my expertise in the way the tech industry collaborates on ideas.

It has taken some time to put together but here is my open source audit tool – which covers all the basic areas needing to be considered in line with the current legislation.

If my ‘open source audit tool goes to plan it should result in my overworked HR peers having a deeper understanding of his or her ‘duty of care’ – and in so doing maybe minimizing the number of times that his or her day get’s hijacked by the urgent – rather than focusing on the important.

Please feel free to share it.

Open Source HR Risk Audit Tool