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How can your leadership change the world of one person?

I love this short story about ‘The Star Thrower’ because I believe that people should have a great day at work, every day. I believe that we all have a leadership role to play.

  •  The Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner reported that 28 per cent of women had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, compared to seven per cent of men. The best way to reduce these figures is to not be tolerant of sexual harassment.
  • Over the past five years there has been a 56% increase in the number of inquiries made to the Australian Human Rights Commission in regard to incidents of discrimination. Values based leadership and programs reduce discrimination.

Adapted from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)

I believe that we can all make a contribution – person by person, workplace by workplace. I believe that people do their best work when they feel safe, engaged and part of something bigger than themselves. I believe that no person should be bullied, discriminated against or sexually harassed at work. I believe we can all make a difference, through our leadership and values. Contribution is important.

How can your leadership change the the world of one person?


Workplaces ‘Fit for People’ & 21st Century Management & Leadership


A parliamentary inquiry in New South Wales (Australia) into the alleged toxic culture of the NSW Work Cover health & safety regulator was damming. The report by PWC found among other things, a failure of management and leadership:

the leadership team has historically not demonstrated leadership capability and action concerning bullying and harassment”.

The PWC report referred to a worrying observation:

  • 40% of people at the regulator indicated that they had been bullied and/or harassed in the workplace and 52% of those reported the source of the behaviour was a manager or supervisor.

PWC was of the view that a ‘long-term commitment’ and ‘concerted focus’ on organisational culture was required along with a ‘spirit of cooperation’ between agency management, employees and their unions.  I agree with them and collaboration is vital. Values based leadership is a must for 21st Century workplaces to be ‘fit for people’. People can do their best work when they feel safe, engaged and valued.

When I read the PWC report I was saddened, and I asked myself what do organisations need from leaders in the 21st Century to prevent damage to people and reputation. How do we create organisations that are future focused and fit for people to work in ?

I remembered listening to a Gary Hamel presentation where he talked about creating workplaces that are ‘fit for humans. It is worth re-visiting what Gary Hamel had to say.

Gary Hamel - 'Web' AnalogyImagine, what would it be like to work in a place that embraced these 21st Century leadership values?


Myths about work place bullying

Bullying Def

I have heard many descriptions and definitions of bullying. Most times people jest or diminish the meaning of the word as if they are trying to dismiss it. I thought it worthwhile to be really clear.

  • It is not ‘just’ a personality clash
  • It is not a leadership style
  • It is not a matter of perception
  • It is not a difficult conversation in a performance review

It is ‘repeated, unreasonable behaviour that creates a risk to the health and safety of an individual or a group’ The important thing to know is that ignoring it will not make it go away!  If you see it, or experience it – do something about it. Everyone is entitled to a ‘great day at work.’